Signage means using a sign or collection of signs to communicate with a certain group and deliver a specific message to a specific group of people. It is also called the collection of various signs or plural of signs. For example, a logo is a kind of signage. There are many types of signage from expensive to simple
and inexpensive. There are banners and billboards, and then there are street signs. Now signages have developed and are also available in the form of digital and electronic display signages.

Digital Signage:

To be specific digital signages are the sub-segment of electronic signage. Digital signage use technologies to be very basic. These technologies include use of LED (Light Emitting Diode), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), and projection to display digital images, videos, web pages, whether data, important messages, restaurant menus, and simple text.
The use of digital signage can be seen both outdoors and indoors, and it is increasing every day. They attract customers and the public and draw their attention that is why they are used as business and marketing tactics.
Whether you are walking by a street, shopping in a mall, traveling through a metro, or waiting for your train or bus to arrive, you will notice signages everywhere and it is impossible not to look at it. Mostly these are digital signages and that too are based on led screens that emit light in such amount it draws
people attention.
Hence digital signages are the best medium of advertising as they fascinate people. They are used as brand promotions and brand campaigns. They transited everywhere just to grab the attention of people. They are the best marketing and advertising tool. Digital signage is a centrally controlled content distribution platform. Digital Display advertising is a type of online advertising that comes in many forms like banner ads, media, and more. As I have told you above the best way to advertise is using digital signage, and when it comes to display advertising the ads are mostly based on images sometimes also on videos and audios, to communicate with the public.
In this case, LED (Light Emitting Diode) is the best choice. They are more efficient and more commonly used. They emit a huge amount of light attracting the audience. Such digital signages which are used for advertising are based on LED screens and are controlled by a computer and change on its command. In case if you are not aware of LED screens, let me explain it to you. An LED display is a flat screen, flat panel monitor or television. It is light in weight and uses light emitting diodes. An LED display panel can be either a small display or a part of a larger display.

Now you have an idea about what LED is and why it is better to use as digital signage for advertising. Placing screens in vertical positions is much better than setting them in a horizontal position. This somehow appeals the viewer and gets more exposure.