Smart Mirror

A smart mirror is a two way mirror with an inbuilt display which is behind the glass. That display is able to show you anything you want on the surface of mirror such as time, weather, forecast, news feed, upcoming appointments and much more such stuff. Smart mirrors are able to get customized for displaying local weather forecasts, news bulletins, your upcoming calendar schedule, social media feeds, etc. smart mirror are completely new system that is able to get integrated with windows PC, Android firmware, Google calendar, Amazon Alexa, Smart Home System etc.

Integration with Amazon Alexa or Google home assistant will help you with voice commands. It simply means that you can ask your mirror questions, setting reminders, and also in controlling of other smart devices in your home.
It acquires lots of features which will make it much flexible for you, like its touch screen for operation, LED lighting for lighting your room, motion sensor for automatically turning on your smart mirror when you enter your room. These features are much beneficial for your home.

Mirror Tv

A mirror TV or TV mirror is a television that is able to get changed into a mirror. The use of mirror TVs are for saving space or for hiding the electronics in bathroom, bedroom and living rooms. Mirror TVs are able to get integrated into interior design which includes smart homes, hotels, offices, gyms and spas. A mirror TV comprises of a semi transparent mirror glass along with an LCD TV behind the surface of mirror. The mirror gets very carefully polarized for allowing the image to transfer through the mirror. It simply seems that when the TV is off, the device will work and look likes a mirror.

Magic Mirror

Magic mirror is actually open source software, which is used for running a smart mirror. Magic mirror is usually known as the brain which runs your smart mirror. Still there are other softwares used for this purpose but magic mirror is the most reliable and popular option. It is a modular by which you can select the features you want to use in your smart mirror. There are many different modular you can install in your smart mirror, some of them are; weather report for watching weather forecasts or your local weather, local news for watching bulletin and headlines for the topics of your interest, Alexa for addition of voice commands, facial recognition for customizing your smart mirror, it is based on who enters your room, calendar for viewing your calendar and watching upcoming appointments and you can also add lists for watching your shopping list or your day’s to-do- list.

By this article you can observe the difference between above mentioned three devices. Mirror TV and smart mirror are both completely different devices but magic mirror is the thing concerned with smart mirror. All the things are important to their own extent.