Surface mounted device is known as SMD. The LED is directly soldered into the PCB. In combination to assemble with the wired components, SMD technology is not in need of enough space and it enhances the thermal connection.


SMD is the most efficient among all the other kinds of LEDs. SMD LED is able to produce the highest brightness. It will give the most glowing effect. Its resolution is quite high; it gives shorter viewing distance, and smooth and unique performance.


As the smart led technology is more developed, SMD is now being installed significantly as outdoor and it shares marketing with DIPS LED lamps. A few times before SMD LEDs were just used for indoor purposes because its resolution and brightness was unable to bear outdoor environment. But now SMD LED is very much advanced and widely being used in outdoor.

The chips of SMD let you improve the quality control and provide you a product that features better mheat dispersion, high lumen flux, and longer complete life in contrast to its predecessor the DIP LED. A  bit away from being outdated, SMD LED is still improving in its lumen per watt output.
In comparison with DIP, SMD display are advantageous in various aspects, such as they are quite lighter in weight, their visual anger is much wider, the output color is quite crisper and natural as well as the uniformity of color is much better, they ate enough energy efficient in comparison with DIPs. As for the near horizon, another advantage of SMD’s is that they can be easily manufactured using efficient quantity mass production, which helps keep the costs down during production. This will obviously save on labor costs and LED Displays will be able to have a larger scale of production. While the prices are still a bit higher than the traditional DIP LED’s, the trend is already happening where the SMD displays are having a more competitive price.

The consistency of SMD is quite better than DIP LED because they are tough to get the required consistency index. SMD is able to easily make colors with enough brightness and with high consistency. The color screen is also smaller of SMD in contrast with DIP; it improves the contrast of LED display screen. The mixing effects of SMD full color display are better than upright oval LED display.


The most remarkable and noticeable thing of this SMD LED display is that it get installed at the retail store of Junaid Jamshed. They realized the advantageous features of SMD LED display and choose P4MM; it is the industry’s highest standard display for their retail store. Even the notable fact is that it is not yet installed anywhere is Pakistan. Its seamless L shape is displaying efficiently. For them it was a bit difficult to execute because no one have any experience but they still managed without any obstacle and created a benchmark in LED display industry.