Interactive whiteboard vs. touch screen display – which is better option to consider? It is the most common question in many school and educational sectors who tries to give students interactive learning environment.
Both of the devices acquire pros and cons but the advance and latest one is definitely the best to consider.


The functionality of touch screen is great. You have to operate it via your PC. You can conveniently present just by functioning to your pc. Touch screen display gets operated simply by laptop but interactive whiteboard is touch screen display. But in contrast to this interactive whiteboards are much greater than this, as you can easily get collaborated with many different people at one time and increase the engagement of your project, task or meeting. Workers will take more interest in the topic going on. They will interactively share their ideas in smart way with you. Another great advantage of interactive whiteboard is that it makes the work of teachers quite easy. Interactive whiteboards are able to recognize the hand writing and convert them into text and show or present in more adequate way.

Image Quality:

The image quality of interactive whiteboard is quite improved in contrast with projectors. Due to this projectors are now being down. Dull images can strain the eye of teachers and students. Brightness and quality of the projection tends to diminish over time. Sitting in dark classroom is not a very good thing for both teachers and students.
It simply means that using touch screen display for short time which shows that students will not learn and study in whole interactive environment. Interactive whiteboard benefit in this regard too. Students and teachers can study whole day in interactive modern environment.


The size of interactive whiteboard is relatively larger that touch screen display. But one thing more to consider is that there is a choice for size of both items. You can decide and order your own required size of whiteboard. But still the size of whiteboard is big. It impacts and influence human mind in much
productive manner. User can easily use his or her hands for removing the written thing on board. Its bigger size makes it much functional for usage. Size matters the most. Always buy the device according to your requirement, if you get smaller or bigger size whiteboard according to the size of room than it will not suit your room where you place it.

Interactive whiteboard are much productive than touch screen display. You can easily elaborate your topic according to relevant animations in classroom. You can easily write and rub with your hands to remove a text. Interactive whiteboard will also increase the collaboration between students and co- workers.
They will take much more interest in the ongoing topic. Interactive whiteboard will present your topic in a way student will more engage and discuss and share their ideas. The use of interactive whiteboards is now increasing significantly due to its benefits.