The first thing to mention is SMD LED is abbreviation of surface mount display LED. Actually it is light emitting diode that is mounted and soldered into a circuit board. An SMD LED display is smaller in size because it does not have any leads or packaging around it, it just arrives with a standard LED. It simply means that it can be handled in best way, but not by human. It should be handled with automated assembly equipment. It acquires quite wider viewing postures. The appreciating thing is that it does not acquire a standard LED’s epoxy enclosure with targets on the beam. Now SMD LED is more advanced due to advance technologies. It is now widely being used in outdoor advertising and getting shared in market with DIP LED lamps. Before this time, the brightness level of SMD screens is quite low so it is unable to adapt the outdoor environment and get used only in indoor.


The most noticeable thing is that SMD LED display gets installed in Moin Khan Academy. They have invested millions of cost in renting display screens but of now worth. After this SMD display they just get it and now saving their million bucks and successfully doing events, showing matches, and carrying out more corporate events to generate more and more revenues. They are highly benefitted from SMD LED display and now efficiently using it without being hurdled.


Under the development of advanced LED technology, SMD indoor LED screen is becoming to apply to outdoor and sharing marketing with DIP LED lamps. It is well known that outdoor LED billboards were all use DIP devices few years ago. However, due to the low brightness of SMD modules and unable to adapt to the outdoor complex environment, thus SMD LED display board can only be used to indoor applications. And now, SMD panel got increasingly technological development in LED outdoor application market.
Compare to LED DIP display products, SMD display screen posses the advantages of wide viewing angle, good lighting distribution, and high contrast ratio. Outdoor SMD LED display not only has wide viewing angle of 110 degrees in the horizontal direction but also has more than 110 degree wide viewing angle in the vertical direction. Therefore, high building outdoor advertisement LED display should need a outdoor SMD full color screen with wide viewing angle to show better advertise effect.


The panel of outdoor SMD acquires much better consistency. SMD outdoor is able to make 33 color brightness with quite high consistency. SMD LED board assures to make the outdoor full color SMD LED brightness enough consistent at any level and angle to get much better color fidelity effect.


Outdoor full-color SMD LED display is free to pot glue and the products are more thin, easy and quick installation. Suitable for LED rental companies, taxi-top screen, mobile media, etc.