If you own ultra wide stretched display setup than definitely you will require some accurate and adequate application for making its functions proper. In this same regard ultra wide stretched displays also require applications for making its operations and functions proper and accurate. Today we will let you know 5 great applications for ultra wide stretched displays. These applications will give you proper operating of display. Take a look below.

Actual Multiple Monitors:

Actual multiple monitors is particularly a program from display link. The cost of software is not much high but it offers you to have a free trial. This application contains all the standard features such as custom task bars, additional title bar buttons, custom hotkeys, window snapping, desktop driver, desktop mirroring, etc. it will increase the productivity of your work. It is widely known application.


UltraMon is one other good application for ultra wide stretched displays. It acquires acceptable features. Its cost is a bit high. It is able to rapidly move all the windows and maximize the windows to the whole display. It is able to control the position of applications with shortcuts, which will also not consume much of your time. It is able to mirror the primary display to a secondary monitor for presentations. It is able to segment different programs onto appropriate and relatable task bars. It is a decent functioning application for stretched displays.


This software acquires two versions free and pro. Its free version will add a second task bar to your display. Its pro version acquires lots of different features. It will make the handling of windows more appropriate and adequate. Its pro version is a bit high in cost.

Display Fusion:

It acquires tons of best and great features. It is professional looking software for stretched displays. It also has both free and paid versions. It is very great in operation; it could be the best choice. Its features are just according to the requirement and expectation of individual. Its pro version is more productive. Its cost is not much low so while buying this you will worth your money.


It is the best suitable software for ultra wide stretched displays. It acquires best features for supporting ultra wide stretched displays which will deliver perfect functionality. This software is versatile. It will design and present your thing in much interactive manner that viewers will definitely attract to it. This ultra wide stretched display as bar displays are widely being used. These panels arrive in variety of different configurations. It accommodates with different sizes, brightness and different design options.

Stretched displays are being adopted in wider level across digital signage and way finding applications. It allows for space saving designs and panoramic content delivery. It is best to consider for grabbing maudience attentions. Its high brightness display provides perfect visual performance. Applications and software are required for proper functioning. In this regard you should get proper, accurate and adequate application for its productivity.