Digital Signage

What is digital signage?

Any type of digital display that can be controlled over the internet qualifies to be a digital signage.

A digital signage solution can cater to control LCD, LED, SMD, Video Wall, Touch Screens, and many other type of displays aswell.

One central management PC can help control all types of display and in multiple quantities. For e.g. Three Digital Billboards, two menu boards, and ten airport schedule displays can all be controlled from one PC.

Digital Signage Player is main component hardware that enables any LCD, LED etc to be controlled via internet. Once a display is connected with the Signage Player and configured, you will be able to see it on your central management PC or laptop and send content on it to play on a loop or as a playlist until further intervention.

Why digital signage?

While digital signage may seem to be costlier solution, it in fact proves to be cheaper in the long run. For e.g. The cost of printing, shipping, pasting is completely eliminated.

Many different print ads were being used, now both can be incorporated into one digital signage player, playing back to back.

Third, the visual effects and motion graphics allows enable 47% brand recall, 29.5% to be influential in purchase of product, while 32.8% people find it influential for repeat purchases, as compared to print ads.

Hence it can be easily concluded that the overall benefits for digital signage solution outweigh the seemingly high initial cost of purchase

Digital Signage

Why GLOAX SOLUTIONS for your Digital Signages?

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